Solo Road Trip for the Soul

Have you ever gotten into a vehicle with no destination in mind?

Have you ever gotten into a vehicle with a vague idea of a destination in your mind, only to decide at the last second to turn a different direction and drive somewhere else completely instead?

Sometimes the best drives are Solo ones. No time constraints or planned destinations, nothing but the tires against the pavement, music on the radio and wind in your hair!

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, we self isolated a lot at the beginning because we were all sick with cold symptoms.

As time went on, being home all day with my kids while managing school video chats, assignments, and my own phone and video appointments as well as keeping everyone fed, sane, healthy and happy felt like a lot. I felt like I never got to be alone, ever.

I swore if I saw one more post about ‘how you shouldn’t waste this time’ I was going to lose my mind. After some sad news and a full week of appointments I was done and I needed a break. My husband is essential service and had to work Saturday as well, so I texted and asked if he would mind if I left when he got home, I needed a Mental Health break. He said no problem and I packed some snacks & drinks, but true to Mom form I ran a few errands and took my daughter to see some local peacocks before I got my solo time.

Social Distancing Through the Fence

After I dropped my daughter off at home I hit the road.

I decided to skip Hwy 1 and hit Hwy 7 instead. I came to a fork in the road-Princeton or Cache Creek? I turned right and headed towards Cache Creek knowing I would likely only drive as far as Boston Bar.

When I got to this Km sign I noticed a pullout with a small trail so I pulled over and went for a small hike. It was beautiful! What a gorgeous view of the river

Looking over the Fraser River

After a nice break I continued on my way, changing radio stations and enjoying the scenery along the way.

I love being in the mountains

I reached Boston Bar and decided it was time to turn around and head for home. I didn’t want to be driving home in complete darkness and wanted to enjoy my drive home at a leisurely pace. I stopped at a rest area for an outhouse break and was approached by a woman with a large piece of wood and became apprehensive…. then she asked if I could jumpstart her car and used the wood to prop up the hood of her car. I felt silly for being worried and gladly pulled my truck up to her car

Always Help Others 💖

Then it was time to head home. I thought I could stop at Lake of the Woods just outside of Yale, however the parking lot was so busy I knew there would be no peace and quiet at the lake. I ventured down the hill and found too many people so I snapped a few photos and then left to continue home. It’s a beautiful place to sit beside the lake if you’re not sharing it with 50 other people.

Lake of the Woods

From there it was a quick drive home (almost too quick) into a beautiful sunset. With a much clearer head and a lighter feeling in my chest, I returned to my family feeling I could be a better Mom after having this time to myself. I walked in the door and my kids gave me big hugs and we watched a movie and stayed up late together. It was wonderful-had I not gone for that drive I likely would have snapped at them to go to bed because I was.

Total Time was approximately 4 hours and Distance Traveled was 320km! Thankful for cheap gas prices right now too!

Thank you for reading my first post and watch for more blog posts coming soon!!

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