Green Lake Camping 2015

Green Lake is an amazing lake located in the heart of Caribou country!

I love driving through Caribou country!

One year we had worked all summer and had not done any camping all year and it was breaking my heart that summer was almost over.

So August long weekend, I made a reservation, convinced my husband to drive three hours, and took our kids to a lake I had not visited since I was a child!

Sadly it rained the majority of the time and we were stuck under shelter or in the tent playing cards and board games , but we still had a great time!

It started raining when we arrived but my husband and I got the tarps up in a hurry!!

The great thing about the Dollar store is you can stock up on cheap, easy things to entertain your kids! If they get destroyed this time, no big deal because it was probably $1.25! If they survive until next time, it’s a bonus!

We also took lots of walks around the campground, enjoying the lake views and scenery and checking out the playground!

We got to enjoy lots of wildlife during our stay!

We even had deer come through our campsite a few times! My son wanted to follow them, so he and I wandered after them and came to a beautiful open meadow with multiple deer tracks.

Amazing to see them this close!

My son became obsessed with cutting wood. My husband or I were always right next to him to supervise and he did not want to stop! The one day he actually chopped wood for over three hours! The next day he said his arms hurt…. but he wanted to do it again! Free entertainment and exercise!

Chopping kindling!

A few weeks after this trip, his Grandpa gave him a hatchet for his birthday!!! He talked about chopping wood so much after the trip, he decided he needed his own!

In my childhood memory, Green Lake is a magical place with a gorgeous coloured lake surrounded by wildlife and tranquility.

No fear flying into our site often!

Even though it was cold and it rained the majority of the time, it was an amazing weekend with my little family, and exactly what we needed.

Mom never sleeps in… but the solo quiet time by the fire in the morning is a great trade-off.

Moms, camping is a lot of work. It is planning, preparing food, packing clothes, blankets, everything-but-the-kitchen-sink and hoping we did not forget anything….

Do not be afraid to take some time for yourself. Leave the kids at the campsite with your spouse and go for a walk by yourself.

Alone time by the Lake

Sit at an empty lake and enjoy the quietness, the stillness…. take a deep breath.

You are doing great.

It takes a lot of work, but also helps create a lot of great memories. Make sure you take time for you during this trip, even if it means climbing into your tent with a book, or snuggling up to your child for a nap you would never normally take. The memory of Mom being relaxed and doing things she does not normally do is amazing.

Cuddle Time in the Tent was awesome!

Be kind to yourself. Lower your expectations. Do not expect a perfect trip where nothing will go wrong.

Do not expect a quiet car trip with happy kids and husband. To be completely honest, my husband was not very happy we were driving over three hours to go camping when there was plenty of camping within thirty minutes of our house… but I wanted our family to get away. In my head it made a difference, and I think in the end it made it more special of a trip because we went to a whole new area our kids had never been before.

Of course the day we packed up the weather was great

If you are driving from Vancouver area, a great place to stop on your way home is Alexandra Bridge.

Amazing scenery after a short walk

You will see the signs along the Fraser Canyon Highway. After a short hike you cross active railroad tracks so use caution.

After a short hike you cross the railroad tracks and come to the bridge

The trail takes you right to the Historical Alexandra Bridge.

The views from the bridge are breathtaking.

It is a great spot to stretch your legs! Closer to the parking lot there are outhouses and picnic tables so you can plan to stop and have a picnic lunch while you are there.

There are also signs explaining the history of the bridge so you can add an educational component for the kids.

Reading about the history of the railroad

From there it was a short drive home and we were unpacked in no time.

Driving Home

The downside to tenting is the amount of blankets you need to pack, and laundry when you get home! However, when camping in the Caribou, you can never have too many blankets as it always gets chilly at night!

Remember to be kind to yourself (and your husband). Expect to pull over unexpectedly for potty breaks (always have a potty easily accessible!), to stretch little legs or to ease an upset tummy. Expect the unexpected and try to embrace it instead of letting it upset your plan for the whole trip.

Breathe, smile, and enjoy your time with your family.

As much as I am enjoying posting from my archives of trips and going down memory lane, I also look forward to the lifting of restrictions and the ability to get out camping and road tripping again soon! Stay Safe, and Be Kind.

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