Alexandra Bridge

Just outside of Yale is a beautiful piece of British Columbia’s history called Alexandra Bridge.

I always take Highway 9(Agassiz-Rosedale BC 9N) to enjoy the backroad scenery instead of being stuck in traffic on Highway 1. You continue straight and merge onto Highway 7, then keep right at the fork to merge onto Hwy 1E(signs for Cache Creek). The Fraser Canyon is a beautiful drive on a nice day.

Beautiful scenery along the way! My son took a few shots along the drive💖

I decided not to use Google Maps as I have a general idea of where it is and my kids tend to ask ‘how far now?’ more often with a Maps app open-Besides, this little road trip was a way for us all to unplug.

Sign visible on the highway

The sign is easy to spot along the highway and has a picnic table and outhouse within steps of the parking lot!

Outhouses did not have hand sanitizer-FYI-pack your own!
Nicely marked with signs

The path is plenty wide enough for a stroller and has a gentle grade downhill.

Stroller friendly path (in my opinion)
My daughter pointed out the bridge we drove over to get here!

At the bottom of the hill you will cross the train tracks- use caution these are active tracks and it is quite common to have to stand and wait as a train speeds by before you can continue on your way.

Signs warn that these are live tracks and to use caution.
Such a gorgeous view

After a short walk you will arrive at Alexandra Bridge. I love the architecture of this bridge and the weathered appearance.

The views from the bridge are amazing
My daughter got very nervous walking across the open-style bridge deck

My daughter stopped about halfway across and demanded to turn around. A trick I used to get her to keep going was to tell her to pretend the steel beam underneath (to the right of my shoe in the photo above) was a balance beam and to just walk on that. With some encouragement, she made it across and felt very proud of herself and on the way back she had no problem and took off without me!

View from a side trail on the far side of the bridge

You can walk across the bridge and into the forest on the other side. There are several trails that branch off in different directions and I have never ventured very far on the other side but I would love to know if the trail goes anywhere!

I have heard there is an old truck somewhere in this forest…
View of the bridge on our way back

After some time enjoying the gorgeous view from the bridge and marvelling at the construction with such few tools, we made our way back to the trail and parking lot.

Perfect view to appreciate the bridge you drove over to get here, too!
Such a gorgeous spot!

Alexandra Bridge is one of my favourite spots for a variety of reasons; it is a big piece of British Columbia’s history and made a huge difference in transportation. It is a beautiful spot to listen to the river, enjoy the sounds of birds and nature, and is not too far of a hike for families with little kids.

If you need somewhere to cool off afterwards, you can stop at Lake of the Woods on your way home and go for a swim! We did not stop today but perhaps there will be a blog about that stop posted soon!

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