Ten Mile Bay with B.C. 4×4 Women Group Trip!

This was my first trip up West Harrison and I wish I would have ventured out here years ago! I met up with a great bunch of ladies from the BC 4×4 Women group (check them out on Facebook!) and caught up to them just as they got to the steep trail to the beach (more on that later).

10 Mile Bay

I was pleasantly surprised by the road conditions on the way up. I had been expecting far worse and would say this road is in better shape and wider than East Harrison FSR.

There are lots of bridges along the way, most of which are Single Lane so be careful and slow down!

Single Lane Bridge- the first of many

The road is decent, being that it is early June I half expected to encounter some washout conditions but it was smooth sailing.

This FSR is a new favourite

I was pleasantly surprised that the road seemed to be freshly graded in some areas. You also drive through some clear cut areas where they appear to be logging but except for one loader we did not encounter any other logging vehicles.

Logging area we passed through
The views along the way are gorgeous
I love the view of Harrison Lake with the Mountain Range Above
We stopped at a pullout to let our dog go pee and enjoy this gorgeous view
Truck photo op
My daughter spotted an Eagle!

I had not caught up to the group yet, but one woman who was having vehicle issues stayed at the top of the trail and waited for me before she headed back home! She saw my 4×4 Women group decal and flagged me down to let me know they had gone down to 10 Mile Bay to take a break and feed the kids some lunch. I was so thankful for her! Although I was a little nervous heading down this new trail without knowing what exactly I was getting myself into.

The trail down to 10 Mile Bay beach
Fairly steep and rocky but so much fun!
My son was riding shotgun and very nervous on the way down, but I assured him Mom has driven far worse trails!

I arrived as the second truck was making her way down the hill and went for it right after her. The angle was a bit tricky to make the turn onto the trail down so I backed up a few times and they had a spotter set up so that was great. Other than hitting a mud flap on one side, Big Blue made it down unscathed!

The hill we drove down to get to the beach – going back up was the fun part!
Gorgeous Views

Once at the bottom we parked all our trucks and took in the views. Definitely worth the bumps along the way!

Some nice waterfront camp sites too

We decided which truck to send up first just in case someone ended up needing a tug the rest of the way up the hill. Everyone made the ascent with no problem and we regrouped on the main road.

Check out the fun video below that my seven year old took for me. She’s cheering and laughing the whole way up.

My 7 year old ran the camera….lol. She was laughing and my 10 year old was not impressed.

As you can hear in the video, my ten year old borrowed my Fit Bit to check his heart rate and told me it was 123 as we approached the hill. We got to the top and it was 125! Next time I’ll offer to let him walk up the hill ahead of us….

Whenever I go somewhere new that I have never been before, I prefer to go with a group or at least one other vehicle. If you are unfamiliar with the area and the terrain, you should not travel alone.

All in all, it was a great day with a great group of women and kids. My daughter was dirty with feet soaked, and smiling ear to ear. She waded through a creek with a couple of other kids and practiced her firewood chopping skills. My son was a little less social quoting “Covid-19 social distancing” but he still enjoyed the fresh air, the campfire, and checking out the lake.

This group from BC 4×4 Women were great!!

Next on the list is to get a little further down the road to 20 Mile Bay, but I think that is a trip to pack a tent and plan an overnight trip to make it worth the drive. There are so many beautiful views along the way, it is a drive I would want to take my time doing! 10 mile bay was definitely beautiful and worth the drive but 20 mile bay has been on my list for a looong time!

I actually ordered the BC Backroad Mapbook as soon as I got home, because there were so many trails off of the main FSR that I wanted to explore but had no idea where they went or if they even went anywhere. I will definitely be spending some time researching the different trail networks in that area and already spotted some amazing camping spots overlooking the lake.

Note: I always make sure my truck is full of gas, my tires are evenly pressured, my phone is fully charged and I have extra snacks, water and gas in case I get stuck somewhere. It is also a good idea to have a First Aid Kit.

As always, thank you for reading!!

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