Earl the Llama guarding West Harrison


This guy was literally in the middle of the road blocking our way!

He eventually moved to the side and we slowly passed him, only for him to start chasing my truck!!

Turns out he is a well cared for resident of the logging camp & has a horse friend there too!

He just likes to wander but knew exactly where his boundaries were! Once we got to a certain point down the road, he pulled over to munch on some greenery and let us pass.

First time meeting a llama up a mountain!

Update: It turns out that he is a well cared for Resident of the logging camp down the road and has a horse friend too! It also turns out he was just called Llama, but they liked our nickname of Earl so they decided to name him Earl!!

He has been spotted by many people over the years and definitely adds some character to the mountainside! Nobody expects to see a llama 20 miles up a FSR – at least I didn’t!

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