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When I was a kid my brother set up a roadside stand selling firewood. He would chop the wood and tie the bundles with his friend and they would sell it together and split the money.

Naturally I became jealous of this ‘easy money’ and decided to start my own business venture. Fire starter! I experimented with dryer lint, wood chips, melted wax and all sorts of materials but found these worked best together.

Toilet Paper Roll Fire Starter


  • Toilet Paper Rolls
  • Dryer Lint (yes, the used stuff you collect from your dryer lint trap!)
  • Wax Paper
Toilet Paper Roll
Dryer Lint (don’t mind the dog hair!!!)
Wax Paper

Assembly Instructions:

  • Take one Toilet Paper Roll and fill full with Dryer Lint in both ends
  • Stuff both ends so lint is firmly in place inside the Toilet Paper Roll.
  • Wrap the roll in wax paper, twisting the ends to seal
Stuff the lint into the roll
Roll it up in wax paper
Twist both ends and you’re done!

Light the wax paper on both ends and then add your kindling on top. The average burn time on these is around four minutes, so be sure to have your kindling ready to go when you light it.

Store in a box with your kindling or in a small bag under your seat for Emergencies and you will have no problem starting your fire, no matter the weather.

The best thing about these fire starters is that other than Wax Paper, everything is recycled materials you would find in your home and normally throw away.

Bonus: this is a project you can easily assign your kids to do as you are busy preparing other things for camping. Even little kids can stuff dryer lint into a toilet paper roll! As long as they’re past the ‘put everything in your mouth’ phase.

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