Hiking the HooDoos in Fairmont, British Columbia

Located in beautiful Fairmont, the HooDoos property includes a moderate hike that is 3.2km out and back with some fairly steep hills and seemingly continuous inclines at the start of the trail (coming from someone in a knee brace so if you are fit and healthy you will likely enjoy those inclines!).

Informative Signs Posted at the Trailhead
The Nature Trust of British Columbia manages this land
There has been lots of work done already!

This land is actually owned by the Nature Trust of British Columbia and includes 10,000 acres of conservation land! I had no idea this organization even existed in our province.

Lots of informative signs along the way

The hike was beautiful and although it was an overcast day, there was plenty of gorgeous scenery along the way.

On our way up
These are the Dutch Creek HooDoos!
Nature Conservancy Canada
We saw lots of creatures along our way
There are many Conservation areas in the Columbia Valley
The view from the lookout
View of the River from the lookout
View from the top of the HooDoos
The HooDoos formation is so unique
It was surreal to be standing at the top of the HooDoos with this gorgeous view!
We drove past the HooDoos from the Highway afterwards!
I can’t believe how high up we were- no wonder the views were so amazing
Gorgeous views from the top and the bottom!!!

We did not have the greatest weather for this hike and it started to rain as we made our way down, which quickened our pace.

The views were still gorgeous along the way and we learned a lot thanks to the informative signs posted along the trail.

I highly recommend driving past the HooDoos after your hike. We turned right out of the parking lot and drove along the highway until we passed the HooDoos completely. Our kids could not believe how high up we had gone!

My photos do it no justice, this is one you need to see for yourself! If you are in Fairmont, go hike the HooDoos and you will not only see some beautiful scenery but learn some amazing history about Beautiful British Columbia!

As always, thank you for reading!! I hope you enjoyed this post and drop me a comment if you have been to the HooDoos before!

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