Kawkawa Lake, Hope B.C.

Kawkawa Lake Park is located just 1.5 miles (2.4 km) northeast of Hope, accessed via the Kawkawa Lake Road.

The word Kawkawa is a poetic First Nations term that means ‘much calling of loons.’

A short sloped path from the parking area to the lake
Beautiful forest to walk through to get to the beach

Kawkawa Lake Park is in a beautiful forest setting in the Cascade Mountains, with gorgeous mountain views, opportunities for swimming, boating, picnicking and fishing.

Boat launch with dock
Swimming area roped off and beautiful mountain views

Facilities at the park include a large day-use picnic area with flush toilets, a swimming area, grass play area with playground, park benches, picnic tables, and a boat launch with a small dock. There are also two floating rafts with ladders for the kids to swim out to and jump off of.

Benches along the beach and rafts to swim to

We set up at a picnic table, the kids hit the water and basically only came out for lunch! They loved being able to swim out and jump off the rafts and started a game where the raft was their island. We spent almost seven hours here and the kids still did not want to leave!

Kawkawa Lake is full of beautiful scenery, I enjoyed the views from the beach and watching the kids having so much fun!

Note: There is a risk of Swimmers Itch here (signs are posted), but if you take a few preventative measures such as; apply a good layer of sunscreen before you swim, ensure you dry off completely afterwards and shower when you get home, you should be okay.

All in all, Kawkawa Lake was a great place for a day trip and we enjoyed taking Highway 1 on the way there, and Scenic Highway 7 on the way home!

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