Wondrous White Rock, British Columbia

We arrived mid afternoon and cruised most of Marine Drive looking for a vacant parking stall! Once parked, we wandered from the far parking lot along the sandy beach enjoying low tide all the way to the pier.

White Rock Pier at low tide

Then we walked under the pier almost all of the way out, finding lots of creatures (and remnants of sea creatures) along the way.

Lots of barnacles
Sea Star #1
Sea Star #2
Ling Cod (we think) that we found flopping on the beach and returned to the sea (we named him Fred)
So many mussels!
We found lots of crab parts
Kelp Bulbs and more barnacles under the pier

From the pier, we continued on past the “White Rock” that this community is named for! The “White Rock” is located along West Beach. The rock stands more than 4 metres high and weighs a reported 486 tonnes! The rock is likely a glacial deposit left behind when the glaciers receded thousands of years ago. It maintains its pristine white colour with help from staff of the City of White Rock.

White Rock

We walked to the infamous Moby Dicks Restaurant and found a large line, so we walked the strip and decided to try Coney Island instead! It was delicious and we sat on a bench on the Promenade overlooking the ocean, which was peaceful until the seagulls noticed we were eating! There are signs everywhere saying do not feed the birds but these gulls are not scared of anyone. Keep your eyes on your fries!

The infamous Moby Dick restaurant!

After we ate dinner, we made our way to the beach to walk barefoot in the sand back to the end of the beach we were parked at, rather than walking back along the strip. The tide was coming in and it was crazy to see that where we had walked under the pier a short time earlier was now full of water!

Gorgeous view at high or low tide!
Wading our way back across the beach

It has been so long since I have been to White Rock and I forgot how peaceful it can be to sit by the ocean and watch the tide come in, or just listen to the waves crash against the shoreline. We found a nice log to sit on along the beach and enjoy the sunset as the tide continued coming in.

The moon was up and the sunset was beautiful
The sunset went from beautiful to gorgeous!

I love ocean sunsets! We live a little over an hour away from White Rock and we really need to make a point of going more often. We walked over 13,000 steps exploring the sand, tide pools and shallow water. We explored under the pier, rescued a fish we found stuck on the beach in low tide, found shells, sea stars and hermit crabs. All in all it was a great day spent on the ocean shore and I cannot wait to go back and spend more time at the beach!

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Until next time, keep adventuring.

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