Glamp Spuzzum – Yurt Glamping!

Glamp Spuzzum has only been open for a short time and the Syed Family is turning this property into a gorgeous retreat.

Once we booked on AirBnB we received an email with specific directions, the Host phone number, as well as the name of the Caretaker who lives on site. We followed the dirt road off of the highway, down the hill and around the corner until we saw a Glamp Spuzzum sign!

We found our Yurt and unpacked our things. We were impressed with the amount of space inside! Also in our site was a fire pit, patio table and chairs, a BBQ and garbage can.

Yurt One
Yurt Two – our home for the night!
Fire Pit
Patio Table & Chairs
BBQ and Garbage Can for each site
Bed One
Bed Two
Bed Three- we told him not to make it as it was just us two
Beds with Sitting Area
Cute Lantern, Electrical Outlets, and a First Aid Kit
Side Table with Board Games and some great books!

We were quite impressed with the comfortable couch, the lantern in the corner and the amount of space inside the Yurt!

We were given directions to the creek where there was a great spot, but we turned before the Tire Swing landmark and found this trail instead.

Trail to the Creek – not the one they told us to go to – oops! This one was pretty steep
The Trail led to a Gorgeous spot nevertheless
You can see the Highway and the Train Bridge
Mountain Views
Spuzzum Creek was perfect for dipping our feet in
Picturesque Spot

After cooling off with our feet in the creek, we made our way back to the Yurt and packed our speaker, some drinks and snacks and headed to the two level deck Greg had told us about!

The On-site Caretaker Greg and his son have been busy doing lots of great projects around the property!

This two-tier deck is newly built overlooking the Fraser River
Sitting Area With Great Views of the Fraser River
View from the deck
The Photos do it no justice…

Greg told us they plan to add a lower third tier deck that you could fish off of. I think that would be amazing!! We stayed here until it got dark, soaking in the sound of the Fraser River and the trains passing by. It was so relaxing!

Washroom Building

The washrooms were nothing fancy, but they were clean. A short walk from the Yurt sites, there are three stalls with toilets, lights and two sinks with cold water only. There is a second door to the bathroom building but they said it is not open yet, only this side for now.

Campfire time

Once it got dark, we started a fire. They have firewood on site for $10 per bundle. It was mostly cedar, but they give you a good mix of big and small pieces so it was easy to start the fire despite not having a hatchet to cut kindling!

Watching the Fire Burn Down

We had a great time despite not being packed for Camping/Glamping. We did not even have a proper flashlight, only my cell phone flashlight! Greg heard us discussing this when he came to check on us in the evening and came back to hand us his flashlight for the night! I was so impressed, it was not a cheap flashlight and we were thankful to have it for the middle-of-the-night Bathroom Trip!

We heard our neighbour talking about being cold the previous night so we zipped the vents and canvas up tight, only to both wake up sweating! We were amazed at how warm we stayed overnight. There was thick carpet to insulate the floor so I am sure that helped too.

We came to Spuzzum last minute after spending one night in Yale in a Historic House – Read More about that Adventure Here. We went on AirBnB to check the availability for a second night, but then we came across Yurt Two for rent! We decided we had to try it and I am glad we did despite not being packed for camping.

When we were there we only saw one family at Yurt One and otherwise had the place to ourselves. I would definitely go here again, especially after the other campers told us about the actual trail with a small bridge where they could see salmon swimming in big pools of water! Our missed turn took us to a totally different spot which was still beautiful, but I would love to go back and explore the property even more!

So if you are unsure about Camping in a tent and want to try Glamping in a Yurt first, I highly recommend it!

To Book Glamp Spuzzum go to the AirBNB website. The link for Yurt 1 is Here.

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope it inspires you to look for accommodations outside of your standard hotel rooms. You never know what you’ll find!!

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