Foley Lake

Foley Lake is a beautiful place that I have not visited since I was a kid! I am not sure why it took me so many years to get back up there but I went twice last week! I am fortunate enough to live in Beautiful British Columbia and be part of a 4×4 Women Group full of awesome ladies who like to adventure as much as I do! This allows us to explore new areas in a safe group setting.

Convoying Up To Foley Lake

The turn off to Foley is approximately 27km from the roundabout at the start of Chilliwack Lake Road. Once you turn Left onto the gravel road, turn Right to stay on Foley Creek FSR (turning Left will take you to Mt Cheam trailhead) and make your way through the pot holes, puddles, and across a single lane bridge and you will see the lake on your left.

Road is Bumpy But Not Too Bad!
Gorgeous Views!
Can’t Get Enough Of Those Views
There is a waterfall across the lake, difficult to see through the trees but accessible by boat or kayak

There are several trails down to the beach area and camping spots all along the shore. Being Friday, it was quite busy down on the beach so we opted to walk down to the shore and test the water. It was cold!

Trail To The Lake
Beautiful Camping Spot With A View!

Foley lake is a beautiful, serene lake that is quite cold and full of tree stumps so the water is very silty. It is also known to be a good fishing lake.

There is camping along the lake and Foley Creek, but it is user maintained meaning you pack out what you pack in and there are no amenities like outhouses. Please take the time to educate yourself on proper disposal of human waste if you are going to camp in the wilderness!

Unfortunately on weekends, it is quite busy and full of party people. We would have stayed to enjoy the lake longer, but it was a Friday afternoon and we didn’t want to hang out for too long.

On our way down
Single Lane Bridge with great views
View From The Bridge
Foley Creek is Beautiful!
Mother Nature Made A Bridge
What A Beautiful Place To Sit and Relax
Foley Creek has lots of beautiful spots to stop

Not long after you start up the FSR, there is a trail to the left that looks like it doesn’t go very far, so I kept driving but then I spotted this granite wall in the distance and backed up to check it out!

The layers are sloughing off over the years

Past trip reports talk about a waterfall to your right but we could not hear or see one. Next time we might have to add a little hike to our plan.

The trees are still growing with roots now exposed

This was a fun drive that was stock friendly, not too rough on the vehicle (or the passengers) and had great scenery along the way. There are lots of spots to stop and park along the creek on your way up, and no cell service! I always enjoy being out of service for awhile, just remember to pack radios if traveling with others so you can still communicate.

As always, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it inspires you to explore your own community! Drive down a new road, hike a new trail, or find somewhere new to explore within your town or city….

If we are always fixated on the destination, we often miss out on the beauty of our journey along the way.

Disclaimer: Road Trip Mama is for information purposes only and is not liable for any damages or injuries incurred if you attempt one of the trips posted. Always do your research, go prepared, tell someone your timeline and trip plan, and have a means of communication in case you run into trouble. For this trip we knew we would not have cell service so everyone carried walkie talkies and coordinated channels ahead of time.

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