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After receiving a few questions and requests for help packing, I have compiled a list of Tips & Tricks that I have learned over the years. Often the best way to learn is by trial and error, and trust me I learned a lot of these the hard way!

I also tried something new and took the time to link a few of the products that I use and love, since I have received messages asking where I found certain things in my camping setup.

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  • Each child gets a small suitcase to pack their clothes and stuffies (I double check what they packed before we leave)
  • Drawstring Lego Mat/toy bag for all of the toys, they can also stretch it out to sit on while they play & there is plenty of room for both of their toys and stuffies. We have had ours for several years and it is still going strong! This awesome product can be found Here
  • Rubbermaid bin with lid for bedding and towels – fold sheets into pillowcases to save space!
  • Roll outfits together- pants on bottom(folded in half), then folded shirt, socks, undies and roll everything up together


We have a three drawer stand that we keep all of our cooking essentials in so we are not constantly going in and out of the trailer to grab things. It came with wheels but we left them off so it sits flat on the ground and is more stable. Find a similar one Here

This stand has held up well for the last five years!

First Drawer: freezer bags, tinfoil, plastic wrap, oven mitt, small cutting board, garbage bags, recycling bags, BBQ lighter and tablecloth.

Second Drawer: spatula, pair of tongs, wooden spoons, slotted spoon, measuring cup, campfire toaster, bowls, plates, coffee cups, napkins.

These camping plates are almost ten years old! A few dents but still going strong. Coleman now sells them in blue instead of black, in a Ten Pack Here

Third Drawer: collapsible dish bin, dish soap, dish cloths, drying mat, Lysol wipes.

I started packing a thick dish drying mat a few years ago and this allows me to put all the washed dishes on the mat and let them air dry without turning the table into a giant puddle! Once dishes are dry, simply hang the mat up to dry before you need it again! You can find a similar one Here. The Woods Collapsible Dish Bin is quite handy especially for carrying water with the handles on the sides of the bin. It is not the biggest, so I only use it on smaller trips.

I also pack a hard plastic bin for washing dishes. Two of these bins are perfect; one for washing and one for rinsing. Find them with Microban Here:

Fire starter:

  • I always pack Newspaper, Fire Starters, Kindling and Matches/Lighter together in a container.
  • I also bring several Toilet Paper Fire Starters Here and it is a great project to give your kids!


We now bring a small pop-up hamper with us on every trip (easy to find at any dollar store). This has been a game changer for keeping dirty clothes off of the floor and has saved suitcases from being full of clean and dirty clothes when you get home! Find them on Amazon Here

I simply put a garbage bag inside the hamper when we get there and then pull it out when we pack up, leaving the hamper clean and easy to fold up to tuck back in with the camping supplies, while all your dirty laundry is in one place!

While camping, we usually hang towels, swimsuits and anything else that needs to dry around the perimeter of our shade tent. Last year we started bringing our collapsible drying rack and this was a game changer because you can move the whole rack to the brightest spot in your campsite and dry things more quickly, as well as quickly move it under cover if it starts raining! Sometimes it is really the smallest things that can make the biggest difference. We have this collapsible style, but really any kind will do! As a family of four, this is the perfect size for towels and swimsuits while camping! Drying Rack here.

I hope these Packing Tips help make your next adventure a little bit more simple and stress free!

As always, Thank You for reading and if you have any Packing Tips of your own to share, please drop a comment on this post!

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