River Therapy With My Fur Baby

This morning after a week of smoky skies and not being able to see the local mountains, I woke up to blue sky, mountain views and my dog waiting to get out of the house.

After a recent knee injury flared up, I have been off of my feet and not able to 4×4 like I normally would! I have been feeling a little bit stir crazy, so this morning I took advantage of the weather, grabbed a coffee and took my dog Zola down to our favourite river spot for some River Therapy.

That View Though….

We are blessed to have access to the Fraser River where you can actually drive along the river bed when the river is low, located just a short drive from our home.

I love coming down here and finding a quiet spot away from everyone else and letting my dog run, spending time writing, or warming up beside a small fire.

There are a few side trails you can have fun on that connect the different areas at the river. There was a large group camping and blocking the way with parked vehicles in one spot today so I cut through the trail pictured below and found a quiet spot with my girl Zola.

Fun side trail

Zola loves to run down here. I always put her orange harness on so she’s easier to spot! There are always lots of scents for her to chase and plenty of sticks to be thrown for her. She will even chase rocks once we run out of sticks…

Zola also enjoys chasing rocks… haha

As it got closer to noon, the 4×4 traffic got busier so we loaded up and headed for home! One more trail first though…

Shaky video – sorry!

This trail has some great views but lots of trails off of it so you have to keep an eye out for quads and motorbikes. A short rip around enjoying the mountain views and then we headed for home!

Dirty Mirror – Happy Dog!

I had one dirty, happy and hungry dog when we got home after all that running!

This was a great start to my Sunday and it makes coming home to clean up the house a little bit easier when you have already been out for an adventure in the morning! Also a great reminder that fresh air and time in nature can make such a difference in our day.

As always, thank you for reading!!! Sorry this is such a short, quick post but as I said I have flared up an injury so all of my 4×4 adventures I had planned for September will sadly have to wait. In the meantime, please share any adventures you are having with me! Comment below and tell me how you like to spend your Sunday!

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I am currently working hard on a bunch of Camping Recipes and can not wait to share!!!!

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