Rain, Rain, Go Away – No, Wait – You Can Stay!

Here in the lower mainland of Beautiful British Columbia we see a lot of rain. This is a big part of what makes our province so beautiful and keeps everything so lush and green looking!

After a week of smoke-filled skies we are embracing the rain and feeling thankful that it helped clear the sky and gave us our mountain views back. However, when the forecast calls for seven days of non-stop rain it is hard to not feel a little bit down about it. Especially when they forecast a lot of rain and even some wind! I personally love Fall storms, but not everyone enjoys a power outage and stormy weather like I do.

When you get in your vehicle and a downpour starts

The rain today was intense. One minute a light drizzle, the next minute a heavy downpour! At one point it was raining so hard it sounded like it was hailing.

Beautiful Views Despite The Rain

4x4ing in the rain can also be a lot of fun, but I try to avoid the mountains after a lot of heavy rain. Trees and hill slopes can become unstable after a lot of rain and I do not have a chainsaw.

I love the mountains in the clouds

River spots also need to be explored with caution. I have seen a few trucks get stuck across a barely-there water crossing that rose to a few feet high in a matter of hours.

There are some really great benefits of being out in the rain:

Charlie Chaplin said once “I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying” which is an obvious benefit.

The smell of rain is calming – why do you think so many laundry soaps choose “Gentle Rain” as a common scent?

When I walk in the rain I feel like my shoulders become lighter, my stress level lessens and I feel more connected with Mother Nature. It feels like a sort of cleansing in a way sometimes.

Rain is a good reminder that some things are beyond our control. It helps us accept things as they are and choose to continue going about our day in a positive way.

Rain has its own soundtrack. Plenty of meditation or calming music include the sounds of rain. Close your eyes, listen to the pitter-patter of the rain drops and feel yourself relax.

Sometimes we look out the window and think ‘Gross! It’s pouring rain, so I guess today is an inside day’. While it is also great to have a quiet day snuggled up inside with a blanket and a warm drink once in awhile, we miss out on some great mental health benefits that come from walking in the rain.

So spend some time outside in the rain, whether it be a light drizzle or a heavy downpour. You will appreciate your usual scenery in a different view. Rain clouds and fog can make your own neighbourhood look like a mystical land. Then when you get home, treat yourself to a hot bath or shower, your comfiest sweats and a cup of your favourite hot beverage to warm up with.

Beautiful Views and the place to ourselves!

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