Solo Road Trip For the Soul – Fall Edition

Everyone has an activity they enjoy and do for their mental health. Mine is going into the mountains. Before I injured my knee this year, that used to be in the form of hiking for me. For now, it is long drives and gorgeous scenery from my truck instead.

Empty Road & Fall Colours

On a Sunday afternoon, most people were airing up their tires, loading up and heading home as I made my way up onto the FSR.

Sunday Afternoon=Quiet FSR Adventure

Today I chose West Harrison as my destination of choice, knowing there are some gorgeous lake views along the way, and the road is pretty well maintained.

1Km Up!

1km up! At this point I had not passed any other vehicles and had my radio turned up and my windows down, enjoying the fresh air and solitude.

Love the Fall Colours and Views on this road!

Fall in the mountains is so beautiful! Orange, red, brown, so many vivid colours that add to the natural beauty of this place.

Tempting Trails but not Solo

There were a couple side trails that looked like fun and were pretty tempting, had I not been on a solo run without many hours of daylight left.

I love anything water related!

A small waterfall on the side of the road, so pretty! I stopped to take a photo and a truck passed by, then backed up to make sure I was okay! I love the 4WD community in our area, I had a couple of people stop me and make sure I was okay before they continued down the mountain.

Another Tempting Trail, but Again, Not Solo….
Gorgeous Views Along The Way
As the Sky Turned Pink

As the sun started to set and the sky turned pink, the views became even more beautiful. I love this drive!

Another Small Waterfall
Stopped at a pullout and stretched my legs
Harrison Lake

I stopped at a pullout to stretch my legs and let my dog stretch hers too. There was a beautiful view of Harrison Lake and it was so quiet and peaceful. We stayed there for awhile and I debated starting a small fire, but decided to continue on before it got dark instead.

6km Up!
Those Mountains Though….

The sky was a beautiful colour, the pictures do it no justice! I love this time of day as the sun sets, the sky changes, and it was such a clear, crisp, beautiful day too.

9km to the bottom!

I turned around shortly after the 9km marker as it was getting dark quickly and the views were disappearing. I took my time on my way down and enjoyed the quiet and lack of traffic!

Heading Back Down

Even though this trip was only three hours total, it was a short adventure that was exactly what I needed to clear my head and have some solo time.

Short but satisfying adventure

This adventure started when my husband jokingly asked when I was going for a drive and I said now! He asked who I was going with and I said by myself, brought my dog and hit the road! I knew I was going to have a stressful next few days and I needed a chance to recharge/destress first.

I did not have a destination in mind when I left my house, but once I started heading for West Harrison I texted my husband to let him know where I was heading and approximately how long I would be out of cell service. He told me to be safe and I arrived back in cell service on schedule, as planned.

Always share your trip plan with someone including your planned return time, so they know when to start worrying if they have not heard from you and they know where to start looking!

As always, thank you for reading! Remember to take a Back Road instead of a Highway once in awhile and Keep Adventuring!

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