December Drives

Saturday I found myself up Woodside FSR again, this time with a little more daylight and time to explore!

We drove up the main FSR and didn’t pass too many other people along the way. The views were once again gorgeous!! I can not believe I waited so long to explore this FSR, the views are amazing on both sides of the mountain.

We even got to see a little bit of snow! Only a light dusting along the sides of the road, but still exciting when we have yet to see our first snow of the year!

We drove to the very end of the main road to an old logging site where the road came to an end. The views were also amazing up there and I got out of my truck to stretch my legs, let my dog explore a little bit and truly enjoy the view.

I find there is something so refreshing about standing in the mountains, looking around at gorgeous scenery and breathing fresh mountain air.

I feel recharged after spending time in the mountains, that is for sure.

Turned around while there was still daylight and enjoyed the sunset over the mountains.

The sky turned all sorts of amazing shades of sunset colours.

The drive down made for some great views of the stars in the night sky along the way.

Then we got to see the city lights below from all different view points along the way!

The cross ditches were a little more interesting in the dark and made for a slower descent, but I was in no rush and enjoying every minute of the views along the way!

As a reminder to my readers, remember to always be safe! I always leave a trip plan with someone so they know what area I will be exploring in, what time to expect me home, who I will be traveling with(if anyone), and I touch base before I leave, and/or before I lose cell service.

Especially this time of year when temperatures drop, it is important to be extra prepared exploring the back country. Know the terrain, the capability of yourself and your vehicle, and pack an emergency bag. Spare clothes, a blanket, snacks, water and a heat source can make a huge difference if you have to spend a night in freezing temperatures, and vehicles can break down.

As always, thank you for reading! I will be posting less adventures with the travel restrictions that are now in place, however I hope to post some more fun camping recipes soon. They can even be tested at home during quarantine!

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