Chilliwack Lake FSR in Beautiful British Columbia

Yesterday I decided to take advantage and do some solo exploring while my kids were at school!

Chilliwack Lake FSR starts right after the Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park, located 150km East of Vancouver, 40km down Chilliwack Lake Road in the upper Chilliwack River Valley.

I am so blessed to live in a place where there are multiple exploration opportunities, all down the same road!

Chilliwack Lake Road is a favourite place of mine, especially in the winter. If we have yet to see snow at home by mid-December I usually pack up my kids and drive down to the Provincial Park to do some sledding!

This day there was just a light dusting of snow along the sides of the road, but enough to get me excited!!!

The Provincial Park is closed for the winter, gate locked. Lots of people park along the side of the road and walk into the park, so always watch for pedestrians.

I continued on past the Provincial Park entrance and on to the gravel FSR. I forgot how many pot holes this FSR always has! A bumpy ride but well worth it for the gorgeous views along the way.

There are several Rockfall Hazard areas along the way, so always use caution and keep your eyes open. There were a few rocks on the road that looked like they had recently come to rest there.

There are many waterfalls along the way. So many, in fact, that I did not even photograph all of them!

The forest blocks your view of the lake for the first little while, and then the trees open up to gorgeous lake views.

The road was still very bumpy and I let my dog out to run – she got way ahead of me through all the pot holes, but she stopped and waited like a good girl.

We continued along the FSR enjoying the low cloud cover across the lake and the fresh snow on the mountains added to the already beautiful view.

After the 5km marker we came to a small bridge over a fast moving river. After the bridge, off to the side was an old wooden structure that I think may have been the old wooden bridge…

From here the road continued, pot holes galore but nothing out of the ordinary, until we passed the 8km marker. This one was a little harder to spot!

From here I continued a short distance until – a yellow gate ended our journey. I thought you used to be able to drive further around the south end of the lake, but now there is a gate, which is always a sad discovery.

Since it was almost noon I decided against parking and starting a fire and headed back towards town so I would not be late for school pick up.

I took my time and enjoyed the scenery along the way though and it was so beautiful!

Finally, back at the pavement! Still no cell service, just a warning for those that expect to have it just because you’re back on the blacktop.

One of my favourite things about this drive is the low cloud cover along Chilliwack Lake Road. You feel like you are literally driving into the clouds, and it is such a surreal feeling.

There is nothing better to help me unplug and destress than a dirt road, no cell service, and driving into the clouds.

Some days my soul craves Solitude and No Cell Service. This was one of those days and it ended up being exactly what I needed!

I also realized that there are so many places to explore along Chilliwack Lake Road, I have decided to start a #ChilliwackRiverValley Series!

Check back next week for my next #ChilliwackRiverValley adventure and find out which FSR I explore next! I hope to post one new adventure each week in December.

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