Chilliwack River Valley Series

I am blessed to live in Chilliwack, British Columbia. We are surrounded by beautiful Mountain Ranges, Rivers, Forestry Roads and Hiking Trails!

Due to the current travel restrictions in British Columbia, I have decided to explore my own community a bit more thoroughly.

We are so lucky and I don’t think I fully appreciated how lucky we were until this pandemic and the travel restrictions were put into place.

Back to the purpose of this post – Introducing the Chilliwack River Valley series!

Chilliwack Lake Road is one of my favourite drives, especially this time of year.

The low cloud cover makes you feel as if you are literally driving through the clouds. Chilliwack River runs parallel to the road for much of the drive, offering stunning views along the way.

It is also home to several Forest Service Roads, several of which connect with neighbouring communities like Ryder Lake! You can even hike one FSR and come out in Hope! That might be a trip for after my knee surgery, but still something I would love to experience.

So for the next several weeks, I will be heading down Chilliwack Lake Road into the #ChilliwackRiverValley to explore the different sights.

Driving into the clouds

It’s amazing what a quick google search can teach you about your own community.

I have lived here for over 20 years, have driven down this road countless times and was still surprised at how many more areas there are to explore that I did not know about!

I look forward to exploring the Chilliwack River Valley and sharing my journey along the way with all of you!

Watch for the posts labelled Chilliwack River Valley Series!

First in the series is Foley Rec Site!

Second is Chipmunk and Rapids!

Third is Driving from Chilliwack Lake Rd to Ryder Lake!

Fourth is Thompson Regional Park!

Fifth is Exploring Thurston Correctional

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As always, thank you for reading! I look forward to having you along on this journey with me.

Never Stop Exploring.

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