Thompson Regional Park – Chilliwack River Valley Series

Located approximately 6 km down Chilliwack Lake Road, this 3 hectare park was actually Donated by the Chilliwack River Valley Ratepayers Association.

This park features a large, covered picnic shelter that can be booked for private events.

It also features an easy 1km Loop Trail that includes Interpretive signs and a bench along a salmon enhancement channel.

The views were beautiful along the trail and I could not believe how many times I have driven by this gorgeous place without stopping!

There is also a WWII monument in memory of the 11 man crew who died in a routine training exercise across the Mount Cheam range in a B-24 Liberator KK241.

This occurred on June 1st of 1945. The monument sits near the back of the park with two benches for sitting and reflecting.

The story of the young men lost that day is etched into two large granite slabs on either side of the centrepiece – a list of all the men whose lives were lost that day etched into a tall piece of granite. Sitting in front of that, is an engine from the downed airplane that was recovered from Airplane Creek.

I was able to find an article from the Agassiz Harrison Observer to learn more about the formation of this monument and the story of what happened Here.

This site is used for outdoor preschool so depending on the time you choose to visit, it could be quite busy.

The playground is pretty basic but the kids seemed to enjoy it! This was the only shot I got because there was kids enjoying it pretty much the whole time I was there (which is a good thing!). I love the older style wooden playgrounds to the newer plastic ones too.

I was pleasantly surprised to find flush toilets and running water as an unexpected perk of this park.

For more information on this park, Click Here.

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