January 2021

This is from a few days ago now, but I am posting it as a reminder to myself, and for anyone else who might need the same reminder right now.

January has been a struggle for a lot of us. It is already a cold, often depressing time of year, but when you layer a pandemic and social restrictions on top, it really compounds the feeling of isolation for some.

I have much to celebrate for January, I was able to go on several adventures this month, both in my truck and on foot. I was able to spend time with my family and make new memories. I have a roof over my head and food in my cupboards. I am thankful for these things.

I feel blessed to live in a place where only minutes from my house I can feel inspired by the natural beauty I am surrounded by.

January also brought some unknowns. I saw an Orthopedic Surgeon about my knee, and was informed that I tore my meniscus AND my ACL and will likely need surgery. He referred me to a Sports Medicine Orthopedic surgeon and that appointment is coming up soon.

I called to confirm my appointment and was told that they were just given lots of OR time, so once he confirms I do need surgery, I will be going in for March!!! So now I am trying to wrap my head around preparing for surgery, organizing rides for my kids and how to deal with not being able to drive!

I have always been a very independent person, so asking for help and having to rely on others is never easy for me. I also love the ability to jump in my truck and go for a drive whenever the mood strikes me.

Fortunately, I am surrounded by some amazing friends and family and I know it will all work itself out. The kids will get to school, I will get to appointments. Life will go on and our Village will support us as we have supported them. That is what it is all about.💖

This was a very different kind of post today, but thank you for reading! I hope you are all staying safe and healthy during this challenging time.

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I am a 34 year old Mom of two, married to my wonderful husband living in Beautiful British Columbia. My kids are 9 and 12 and pretty much complete opposites! My daughter loves to Road Trip like her Mama and my son is more ‘are we there yet?’ From 8 hour road trips to see family, ferries to the island or just a good old drive up a dirt road, I’ll have tips to keep the kids entertained, food to pack and road reports! We are so fortunate to live in this beautiful place surrounded by mountains and rivers and endless trails to explore! Follow me and see how I maintain my sanity on these trips!

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  1. Keeping my fingers crossed for a successful surgery and fast recovery in March, my friend! Great that you and your husband will have support from your neighbors. Take care and I wish you and your family a very good week!

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