Rainy Saturday Explorations

This last week was a long and stressful one. I had multiple calls from WCB, my employer, and many appointments throughout the week. I knew I needed to get out and clear my head after such a busy week and lots of changes. Once I got up and as I was savoring my morning coffee, I packed a small cooler and checked over my bag of supplies.

My kids woke up and I started breakfast, then when my husband woke up, I explained my plans and hit the road. After filling my gas tank and checking over a few things, I was on my way.

I decided to head down Chilliwack Lake Road, partly because there is no cell phone service down there and I enjoy the solitude, but also because it is one of my favourite drives.

You get a little bit of everything – the misty mountains look majestic with low cloud cover, Chilliwack River running beside the road with raging rapids, and gorgeous scenery along the way.

I drove past the gate for Chilliwack Lake Provincial Park and there were several vehicles parked at the side of the road. Lots of people do this during the off season and walk through the campground down to the boat launch (it makes a great sledding hill during the snowy season) and the beach makes a great spot to have a fire and enjoy the sunshine.

Just past the Provincial Park gate, the road turns to gravel and it is hard to miss with all of the pot holes! The road was muddy and a bit bumpy but otherwise not a hard drive by any means.

The road goes up and along the edge of the lake for some time. You can see the lake below as you drive and there are some great views along the way. Use caution when stopping because there are several rockfall hazard areas.

After finding a nice pullout along the lake, I parked and rolled down my window, turned my truck off and took a nice deep breath of fresh air.

I listened to the wind blowing through the trees, the rain landing in the puddle next to my truck. and took the opportunity to sit in nature and just be.

I did a little bit of writing, I ate my snacks, enjoyed a beverage and let out a few sighs of contentment.

Sometimes as a parent, it is nice to just have time alone where you are not responsible for anyone else.

As much as I love taking my kids out for road trips and adventures, sometimes solitude is not only needed, but necessary. Especially since the start of the pandemic – I am off work which has been a blessing in disguise during these difficult times, but it also means I am with my kids all the time. I love them so much my heart at times wants to burst, but I also need time away from them sometimes!

At first I felt selfish for taking this time away from my kids and for myself. My Occupational Therapist helped me realize it is necessary, and it really benefits everyone.

I return home happier, more relaxed, and guess what? My kids get to miss me for a little while!! When I get back home they are excited to see me and hear about my adventures, or just spend time together – because they missed me!

As the saying goes – absence makes the heart grow fonder. I feel like Parents sometimes forget that and often don’t get the chance to be missed by their children. Caregivers need breaks too and solitude can be food for the soul.

The days are long, but the years are short. It is okay to take breaks in between those long days.

I was grateful for this drive and for the day to myself. I also got to scout out a few new spots for future blog posts, so stay tuned for more adventures soon! Plus, when I got home my son curled up on the couch with me for the first time in forever, then my daughter and I set up our living room for a Mother-Daughter sleepover.

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