Twenty Mile Bay – April Version!!

My first trip to 20 Mile Bay was last June and it rained all day. We still enjoyed ourselves and the drive, however the clouds definitely obscured some of the gorgeous views. To compare that trip to this one, read my former post Here.

We stopped a few times to take pictures, stretch our legs, and take in the view.

We stopped in this same spot last year and took photos, comparing the difference was crazy! We could not see the mountains because the clouds were so low last year, but there was also a forest fire last summer, so the lush green vegetation is all gone and the charred remnants are left for regrowth.

We were greeted by this large bird – I believe it is a hawk but am entirely unsure! If you know what it is, let me know in the comments!!

32km later, we were greeted by the 20 Mile Bay Rec Site sign! We made it.

The Day Use area features several picnic tables and fire pits, as well as one pit toilet. I am unsure how well they are maintained this time of year, the pit toilet was not in the best shape.

Considering it was a hot, sunny Sunday afternoon I was surprised to see only a few people on the beach.

Compared to when we were here last June, the beach was totally different! Last year there was no beach when we stopped here! What a difference two months can make in the water levels!

After putting our feet in the frigid water for a few minutes, skipping a few rocks and soaking in the sun for awhile, we headed back to the parking lot.

Back down the dusty road we went, another 32km to get back to pavement. I enjoyed the drive back much more as there was far less traffic on the road, the sun was getting low in the sky and the lake was out my window for much of the drive.

I am a sucker for a dirt road with a view, what can I say!! Even better was that everyone was driving down as we were driving up so lots of spots were open to pull over and enjoy the view.

One last photo stop on our way down!

Everything inside and outside my truck was coated in a thick layer of dirt by the end, but it was definitely worth the intensive cleaning required the next day!

One extra note of caution when traveling on dry Forestry Roads, is that when you pass someone at high speeds you not only have the potential to kick rocks at their vehicle, you can also create near white-out conditions with the dirt and dust.

We had a few close calls on our way up, including a few trucks coming around corners in the middle of the road!!! The third truck was towing a small trailer, over corrected and luckily I slammed on the brakes or his trailer would have hit us as it swerved back over!

Just another reason it’s nice to head up later in the day sometimes and enjoy less traffic on your way home!

As always, thank you for reading!! It was great to see 20 Mile Bay again and just goes to show how much of a difference a change of season can make. Also a great reminder of how much can change in less than a year!

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Stay Safe, Stay Local, Stay Kind!

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