Green Lake 2021

Our first time visiting Green Lake as a family was in 2015 and it was the opposite weather from this time.

It rained nearly the entire trip, my husband had told me I packed too much bedding as we were loading up and I assured him that I did not, as nights are cold in the Caribou! We ended up warming rocks by the fire and putting them in the tent before bed, trying to keep warm. You can read about that trip here.

This time, we experienced the opposite weather during a heat wave. The forecast for Green Lake had predicted overnight temperatures of 19C which seemed reasonable… and was much cooler than overnight temperatures at home. I checked the forecast again on our drive there and it had changed to 29C overnight! Not as cool as we had planned for, but we had frozen water bottles, Gatorade, Kool Aid Jammers and Juice Boxes and we were well prepared for hydration.

We definitely stayed hydrated and packed lots of drinks, fresh fruit and vegetables and tried to stay in the shade as much as we could.

The first day after setting up camp and inflating our floaties, we spent three hours at the lake. I sun-screened my kids but forgot to do myself and I burned to a crisp. The next day we brought our shade tent down to the lake and put it in the water. We tied off to the tent and floated in and around the tent. We also set up chairs under the tent in the water and enjoyed lunch at the lake.

The views on this lake are gorgeous and never get old. We stayed at the Sunset View Campground at Green Lake Provincial Park and the sunsets definitely did not disappoint!

It was hot while we were there, so one evening on my walk back from the outhouse I wandered down to the lake and stood knee-deep in the water to cool my body. It felt amazing and I was treated to the most beautiful sunset, plus this little loon popped up in front of me.

We headed home the next day, packing up slowly and taking our time heading home. Now we have experienced Green Lake during a heat wave, as well as the cold Fall temperatures. Our kids suggested we come back in Spring sometime so we can enjoy normal temperatures next time… they might be onto something!

As always, thank you for reading! Until next time, keep adventuring and exploring!

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