Welcome to 2022!

The holidays were different again this year.

No big family dinner as planned…. we received notice that my son had been exposed to Covid at school and needed to self monitor. He had missed the last two days of school due to a cold, so we decided to stay home and celebrate Christmas as a family of four and not risk exposing anyone to anything, though his symptoms had cleared.

On December 23rd I was feeling a little down about our quiet Christmas and since my son needed to self monitor until December 28th, I thought it would be perfect if we went for a one night staycation!

I booked a room in town at the hotel that has a pool and waterslide! January 1st we woke up to 2022 and packed our bags. We got to check in early and after the kids jumped on the bed for a few, we hit the pool!

View From Hot Tub!

We had the entire pool to ourselves for over an hour!

The pool tired us all out and we shared some big laughs as we all took turns on the waterslide. There were memories made that will last a long time and for that I am so grateful!

Hot Tub!

We were all getting pruny, so we headed back to our room where we ordered food and watched Jurassic Park movies on TV. My daughter loves dinosaurs and kept correcting us all on the proper names as we guessed what they were.

I even convinced my Tweenager to get off the sofa bed and come join the cuddle puddle as I called it, on the king size bed.

It was a great way to start the New Year, and even better – it was basically Free with my Airmiles! They charge a $10 booking fee and you pay the tax, so I think I paid $35 total.

We also got to enjoy a free continental breakfast! They had a great selection of cereals, bread, bagels, juice, coffee, hot chocolate… they even had hot food such as eggs, sausage, pancakes and a Waffle Bar!! There were two types of batter to choose from, two styles of waffle makers, and all of the toppings you could possibly ask for.

The Waffle Maker was a hit!

This was such a great time and I felt like it was such a bonding time for my family. Sure we could have set up in the living room at home and watched the same movies, but being out of the house always makes it a little more fun.

There were more smiles, more hugs, more laughter. The only thing the kids asked for more of was the hotel – they said it would be more fun to stay for 2 nights! Maybe next time…

Now I’m ready to start my crazy full time college schedule and whatever else 2022 is going to bring!

Road trips don’t always have to take you out of town. Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need!❤️

Even with all of the changes and craziness happening in our world, we can still get out and make memories, while staying local and staying safe.

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