Strolling In To Spring

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere

Laura Ingalls Wilder

Today I took my fur baby Zola down to Dyke Crest Road, which runs along a section of the Chilliwack River. There are gorgeous views in every direction, a gravel road and lots of wildlife along the way.

I have seen many varieties of birds and waterfowl, a bobcat and a black bear over the years!

At the end of the Dyke where the gated section begins, there is a large parking lot right next to the rotary trail.

This trail is frequented by pedestrians, cyclists and horseback riders. It can get quite busy, but today we only saw a few people. These horses were walking up from the river as we approached and I had to snap a photo.

This was my first time down to this spot since the flooding and I was surprised at how much the landscape has changed! This used to be a great spot to walk down onto the rocky river bed, but now the sand is eroded and the water flow has changed.

Zola ran through the sand and water for a few minutes, getting her zoomies out, and then we continued down the trail.

There are many little trails and off shoots from the main Rotary trail and I decided to explore this one.

This little trail gave great access to the river bed and gorgeous views. After ducking under a few branches and navigating the narrow trail and mud puddles, that is.

The view at the end was worth it though!

We were almost back to the parking lot when this guy flew right over our heads! I watched him loop around for awhile before he disappeared in the trees. I could hear a woodpecker and so many birds in the trees as we walked, all signs of Spring and hopefully more sunshine on the way!!

You can hear my stifled laugh at the end as a woman approached and yelled “don’t poop on me!” Lol

I was so glad I drove the extra few minutes and took the time to walk in the sunshine for a bit. We walked back to the truck and got all of our errands done for the day! I knew I had to get across town to get everything on my to-do list done, so I planned my drive along the Dyke Road instead of through town with all of the traffic lights!

Our city is growing and traffic is growing with it, so I find myself sticking to the outskirts more and more, when able.

Something the extra 15 minutes is worth it. I felt recharged after our little adventure and was still on time picking up my kiddos from school!

As always, thank you for reading. Keep adventuring, exploring, and trying new things. Get Outside!

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