Britton Creek Rest Area

Located 67 kilometres South of Merritt, this rest area is always a favorite stop when traveling Highway 5 with our kids!

There are marmots running around the grass and being so cute to entertain you, as well as flush toilets, a concession truck with snacks, hot coffee, cold drinks, and Telus WiFi.

WiFi isn’t normally something I would be excited about, but when I woke up from a night of solo camping to no cell service (Rogers network was down), I had no idea what was going on and didn’t want my husband to be concerned about me, so I packed up camp and hit the highway, relieved to know there would be WiFi at the rest area up the road.

They also have charging stations for electric cars, so I’m unsure why the Tesla pictured below plugged into the bathroom building instead…. But it made for a good topic of conversation and chuckles for the rest of us walking by.

Britton Creek was along my drive, and only 20 minutes from where I camped. As soon as I parked and logged into the WiFi I received a message from my husband that the Rogers network was down and there was no ETA on it being back up.

So, I pulled out my propane oven and made some bacon and hash browns at a picnic table, waiting for messages from other women traveling to Merritt for our Women’s camping weekend.

The concession truck had a good selection of snacks and drinks, hot coffee, and samosas! Luckily his debit machine is on Telus so he could still take Debit as a form of payment, unlike everywhere else I went that day. I decided to buy coffee instead of making my own.

There are 2 separate parking areas, one designed for passenger vehicles/cars and another for commercial trucks. Both areas have picnic tables and are just a short walk to the restrooms.

They also have a covered area with signs that have some information about the different highways in BC and the different routes to be explored, as well as a sign thanking the men and women who constructed Highway 5.

These routes would definitely make for some great road trips!

I cared for a few men in my nursing days, who worked on the construction of the Coquihalla Highway, and I always loved hearing their crazy stories. My favourite story was a bear coming into camp while they were off working, and my patient who happened to be the only one with a metal lunchbox, was the only one with a lunch to eat that day! I love our beautiful province, and have always appreciated how we try to honour those that risked their lives for the construction and advancement of our province.

So next time you’re traveling up the Coquihalla Highway and need to stretch your legs, grab a coffee, or have a bathroom break, keep Britton Creek Rest Area in mind!

As always, thanks for reading and keep adventuring!

Comment below if you’ve been here before, and if you have any cute photos of the marmots!

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