Thanksgiving Camping

It was a last-minute, low-budget trip, but we got out for one night in our tent trailer, cooked a boneless turkey roast, peeled potatoes at the campsite, and enjoyed a small, quiet dinner in beautiful weather!

The overnight forecast only showed a low of 9 degrees, which was surprising for October in British Columbia! One of our favourite campgrounds posted on their Facebook page that they had lots of spots opening up on Sunday, so on Saturday night I sent the post to my husband and asked if we should drag the kids out for a night.

He agreed, and while the kids weren’t overly impressed during pack-up, once we got there and started playing cards and having family time, they admitted they were glad we came. This age is a little bit harder to get them out and about, when they would rather stay home, or hang out with their friends instead of their parents, but we had lots of laughs, my daughter doubled my Yahtzee score and they agreed they were glad we came out.

We built a fire before it got dark, enjoying the sunshine and warm October weather!

The kids and I retreated to the tent trailer around 9 p.m., my back was spasming and needed to stretch, and we just talked to each other from our beds, until my husband started snoring by the fire. The kids were concerned he would sleep out there all night, but didn’t want to go out there to wake him up either, so we took turns calling him until he finally woke up!

I also forgot it was the Harvest Moon! How beautiful, and what a nice surprise when I woke up to pee and didn’t need a flashlight, the sky was so bright!

The next morning, I made breakfast over the fire (I always bring an oven rack camping) and then I woke my husband up to let him know it was 9:50 a.m. as check-out is 11 a.m. I tidied and packed a few things, until my son reminded me I had promised him a walk down to the creek the night before, so we left my husband and daughter in charge and walked down to Emory Creek.

The trail down to the creek has gotten a bit rougher since the last time we were here, but we made it. The water was so low, the creek was very shallow, but the sandy beach was as beautiful as ever. We crossed the creek and walked down the sand for quite a ways. I took off my sandals and walked in the sand – free exfoliation for your feet!

In the summertime, there are deep pools in the creek that are great for swimming! We enjoyed the views for awhile, let our fur baby run around for a few minutes, and then headed back to the campsite, where I was pleasantly surprised to find my husband had packed everything up while we were gone! We did a final once-over of the campsite, and headed for home!

One of my favourite things about this campground is that the outhouses closer to the river are pit toilets, and the ones further from the river look like pit toilets, but you open the door and – flush toilets! Our first time camping here was right after our daughter had potty trained, so this was a big deal!

Campsite Views

In just under an hour we were at home, unloading the truck and tent trailer, and starting laundry. Two days later, I’m still finishing up that laundry, but it was still worth it to get out and enjoy the fresh air, the full moon, and some family time!

Instead of being sad that we didn’t get out camping for the Thanksgiving long weekend, we embraced what we could do, and got out for one night. It was definitely worth it and I am glad we decided to go, even if it was a short but sweet trip!

Do you camp in the Fall? Comment below and give me your best cold weather tips and tricks!

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