Alexandra Bridge

Just outside of Yale is a beautiful piece of British Columbia’s history called Alexandra Bridge. I always take Highway 9(Agassiz-Rosedale BC 9N) to enjoy the backroad scenery instead of being stuck in traffic on Highway 1. You continue straight and merge onto Highway 7, then keep right at the fork to merge onto Hwy 1E(signsContinue reading “Alexandra Bridge”

Lighthouse Park

One place I have always seen posts about but never had the chance to visit was Lighthouse Park in West Vancouver. Since I had some errands in Vancouver, I decided to make the extra twenty minute drive from our destination and check it out! I started my day with two kids who insisted life isContinue reading “Lighthouse Park”

Green Lake Camping 2015

Green Lake is an amazing lake located in the heart of Caribou country! One year we had worked all summer and had not done any camping all year and it was breaking my heart that summer was almost over. So August long weekend, I made a reservation, convinced my husband to drive three hours, andContinue reading “Green Lake Camping 2015”

Walk-In Camping with Kids

I had never been walk-in camping and found out days before leaving for a trip that the site my friend had booked was walk-in only!!! I was terrified, just my daughter and myself were going on this trip and I could not fathom unloading everything to the site ourselves! It was amazing, everything went well,Continue reading “Walk-In Camping with Kids”

Road Trip with BC Ferries

When traveling on the BC Ferries system, paying for a reservation is definitely worth the extra Reservation Fee, in my opinion. My mom refuses to pay the extra and will sit and wait, however I feel our time is worth the $10 Fee and having to sit there with your kids and watch the ferryContinue reading “Road Trip with BC Ferries”

Road Trip with Kids- What to Pack

Now that my kids are older, road trips are considerably easier. They can pick out and pack their own toys and clothes(with a check by Mom), and somewhat understand what we mean when we say ‘7 hours of driving’. When they were little, I used cheap solutions like noticing which toys they played with frequentlyContinue reading “Road Trip with Kids- What to Pack”

Solo Road Trip for the Soul

Have you ever gotten into a vehicle with no destination in mind? Have you ever gotten into a vehicle with a vague idea of a destination in your mind, only to decide at the last second to turn a different direction and drive somewhere else completely instead? Sometimes the best drives are Solo ones. NoContinue reading “Solo Road Trip for the Soul”

Mother’s Day Adventure 2020

The last few years I have decided to spend the day with my own little family making memories together, adventuring up a mountain.This year we returned to one of our favorite places, East Harrison FSR. We skipped the extra 25km to the natural hot springs due to Covid-19 concerns this year and stopped at aContinue reading “Mother’s Day Adventure 2020”