Clear Creek Hot Springs – With Kids!

Clear Creek Hot Springs is located 46km up a Forestry Road on the East side of Harrison Lake.
I love taking my kids on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and it’s worth all of the cross ditches and water crossings to get there!

Solo Sunday at the River

Sometimes adventures don’t have to be planned, or very long. This unplanned Sunday drive brought me to Gill road in Chilliwack and was just the reset I needed. So many beautiful views!

Fitting Adventures in Amongst Errands

I am a busy Mom of two kids, so I fit the adventure in when I can.
Even if it’s just 20 minutes to sit by the lake before I have to head back home, it’s worth it to me to have that reset and recharge.

McDonald Park Dark Sky Preserve

McDonald Dark Sky Preserve is a beautiful spot to go for a walk or run. The dyke goes in both directions and you can walk for quite a ways.
This park is also used by astronomers and sometimes hosts special events when there are meteor showers predicted.
Overall it is a really nice park with a small play area, picnic tables, and flush toilets!

Serenity at Skwellepil Rec Site

Skwellepil Creek Rec Site is a beautiful spot managed by the 4WDABC.
There are two areas to camp in, up in the forest area, or down by the boat launch.
It is often busy, but the majority of campers respect the rules and each other and it stays pretty quiet.

Exploring From Chilliwack Lake Road to Ryder Lake – Chilliwack River Valley Series!

One of my favourite drives takes me from the Chilliwack River Valley, off Chilliwack Lake Road, over Bench FSR to Ryder Lake! You drive past the Elk Mountain trailhead on your way home and it is a gentle forestry road that is full of gorgeous views!