Riverside Recreation Site

Riverside Recreation Site is tucked off to the side of Chilliwack Lake Road. It backs onto the Chilliwack River and other than the occasional road noise, is a beautiful serene place! This spot would be great for group camping as well, as it is quite open.
If you come explore the Beautiful Chilliwack River Valley, be sure to add this site to your list of camping spots!

Mother Daughter Camping By The River

Mother Daughter camping on Bench FSR. Our friends had set up camp and as I drove by I recognized their utility trailer and stopped to say hi! They invited me to join with my family so I went home and asked everyone if they wanted to go. Only my daughter wanted to so we packed up the tent and the camping bins, and we hit the road.
I started from the Ryder Lake side so my daughter could enjoy the views along the way and before we knew it, we had arrived!
Setup didn’t take long at all and we enjoyed our one night by the river.

Green Lake 2021

Our first time visiting Green Lake as a family was in 2015 and it was the opposite weather from this time. It rained nearly the entire trip, my husband had told me I packed too much bedding as we were loading up and I assured him that I did not, as nights are cold inContinue reading “Green Lake 2021”

One Year Blogversary!

Wow… I cannot believe that I have been on this journey for one full year!! I’m going to annoy you with some numbers for a minute : 71 Blog Posts! 3,500 Views! 2,100 Visitors! 461 Followers! These Stats blow my mind… When I started Road Trip Mama last year, I mostly just wanted an outlet.Continue reading “One Year Blogversary!”

Allison Pool Rec site – Chilliwack River Valley Series

Allison Pool Recreation Site is a small campground located off Chilliwack Lake Road, here in Beautiful British Columbia. It is a favorite fishing spot, and can be quite busy in the summer.

Camp Foley Recreation Site – Chilliwack River Valley Series

Camp Foley Recreation Site is a beautiful spot located just off Chilliwack Lake Road. It has an outhouse, camping spots and a private view of the river.
You also get a key to the gate for the campsite when you book it (group camping only). It is a gorgeous spot, despite being right next to Chilliwack Lake Road.

S’mores Cups

The Simplest. S’mores. Ever. My kids love these and it’s a great way to enjoy S’mores as a family with a little less mess! Bonus: They are easy to make at home too! Ingredients: Frozen Tart Cups Mini marshmallows Chocolate chips Cooking Instructions: Remove tart cups from package and thaw Once fully thawed, add miniContinue reading “S’mores Cups”

Camping Mac N Cheese

My daughter loves Mac N Cheese so if we bring it camping, she is one Happy Camper! It is one of those comfort foods that is so easy to make ahead of time to bring a little piece of home on the road with you. Non-Grocery Supplies: 4 aluminum mini pie tins (found at mostContinue reading “Camping Mac N Cheese”

Skwellepil Creek Recreation Site – Mom & Kid Style!

I took my kids and my dog and headed up the Chehalis FSR for the first time with a couple of women and their kids from my 4×4 women group! I was excited to explore a new area not too far from home, and my kids reluctantly agreed to come along, but ended up havingContinue reading “Skwellepil Creek Recreation Site – Mom & Kid Style!”