Mother Daughter Camping By The River

On Thursday, we were invited to visit or join my daughter’s friend’s family on their camping trip by the river. We were going to pack for camping in case we decided to stay, and then I decided it would be silly to pack everything and not stay, so we made a decision to camp. WeContinue reading “Mother Daughter Camping By The River”

Green Lake 2021

Our first time visiting Green Lake as a family was in 2015 and it was the opposite weather from this time. It rained nearly the entire trip, my husband had told me I packed too much bedding as we were loading up and I assured him that I did not, as nights are cold inContinue reading “Green Lake 2021”

One Year Blogversary!

Wow… I cannot believe that I have been on this journey for one full year!! I’m going to annoy you with some numbers for a minute : 71 Blog Posts! 3,500 Views! 2,100 Visitors! 461 Followers! These Stats blow my mind… When I started Road Trip Mama last year, I mostly just wanted an outlet.Continue reading “One Year Blogversary!”

Allison Pool Rec site – Chilliwack River Valley Series

Located 13.5km down Chilliwack Lake Road, Allison Pool Recreation Site is a Group Site full of beautiful old growth trees and the sounds of the Chilliwack River. This is a group site that is Reservable with a $50.00 Reservation Fee and a Group Camping Fee of $119.00. There are 7 sites and this price includesContinue reading “Allison Pool Rec site – Chilliwack River Valley Series”

S’mores Cups

The Simplest. S’mores. Ever. My kids love these and it’s a great way to enjoy S’mores as a family with a little less mess! Bonus: They are easy to make at home too! Ingredients: Frozen Tart Cups Mini marshmallows Chocolate chips Cooking Instructions: Remove tart cups from package and thaw Once fully thawed, add miniContinue reading “S’mores Cups”

Camping Mac N Cheese

My daughter loves Mac N Cheese so if we bring it camping, she is one Happy Camper! It is one of those comfort foods that is so easy to make ahead of time to bring a little piece of home on the road with you. Non-Grocery Supplies: 4 aluminum mini pie tins (found at mostContinue reading “Camping Mac N Cheese”

Packing Tips!

After receiving a few questions and requests for help packing, I have compiled a list of Tips & Tricks that I have learned over the years. Often the best way to learn is by trial and error, and trust me I learned a lot of these the hard way! I also tried something new andContinue reading “Packing Tips!”

Skwellepil Creek Recreation Site – Mom & Kid Style!

I took my kids and my dog and headed up the Chehalis FSR for the first time with a couple of women and their kids from my 4×4 women group! I was excited to explore a new area not too far from home, and my kids reluctantly agreed to come along, but ended up havingContinue reading “Skwellepil Creek Recreation Site – Mom & Kid Style!”

Camping For Seven Days As A Family Of Four

We took our two kids and our dog on our longest camping trip yet- one full week with our tent trailer! We started out behind schedule because our truck battery died the night before we left! Luckily my husband drove to fill up the truck the night before and asked me to go test itContinue reading “Camping For Seven Days As A Family Of Four”

How To Keep Kids Busy On A Road Trip!

We have all been there…. whether on the road or at the campsite, a child will look at you, shoulders down, pout on their face and declare the inevitable I’m bored! Being on the road limits your options for entertainment and I do not like using screens on the drive! There is so much beautifulContinue reading “How To Keep Kids Busy On A Road Trip!”