Free Fire Starter

When I was a kid my brother set up a roadside stand selling firewood. He would chop the wood and tie the bundles with his friend and they would sell it together and split the money. Naturally I became jealous of this ‘easy money’ and decided to start my own business venture. Fire starter! IContinue reading “Free Fire Starter”

Camping Egg Muffins

Have you ever made an omelette in a muffin tin? These are great to make ahead and then freeze! Put into a ziploc bag or airtight container and store in your cooler until you are ready to heat & eat! These are great not only for camping, but also for those busy mornings where youContinue reading “Camping Egg Muffins”

Camping Banana Boats

These are a favourite that take me back to my childhood, sitting at the cabin next door making banana boats instead of boring old S’mores like I made with my family. I thought I had won the S’mores lottery!! I had all but forgotten about them until recently, but my kids love bananas almost asContinue reading “Camping Banana Boats”

S’mores Cones

I kept seeing this trend of making S’mores in an ice cream cone and finally decided we needed to try it! My kids love S’mores – I mean who doesn’t? The great thing about the variety of cooking options is that you can make these when you’re camping, at a BBQ, or at home! TheyContinue reading “S’mores Cones”

Camping Lasagna

This lasagna recipe is based on one that I made in Grade 12 cooking class many, many, many years ago! I just kept tweaking it over the years and now I honestly do not even use a recipe anymore! So, in order to write this post I had to make it again and actually measureContinue reading “Camping Lasagna”

Green Lake Camping 2015

Green Lake is an amazing lake located in the heart of Caribou country! One year we had worked all summer and had not done any camping all year and it was breaking my heart that summer was almost over. So August long weekend, I made a reservation, convinced my husband to drive three hours, andContinue reading “Green Lake Camping 2015”

Camping Nachos & Tacos

I started making Camping Nachos a few years ago, but my kids prefer tacos so I would bring a few soft taco shells as well and it was a big hit. Over the years I have tweaked my recipe and now if we camp as a group, it’s my Go-To Dinner! Ingredients: Ground Beef (1-2lbsContinue reading “Camping Nachos & Tacos”

Walk-In Camping with Kids

I had never been walk-in camping and found out days before leaving for a trip that the site my friend had booked was walk-in only!!! I was terrified, just my daughter and myself were going on this trip and I could not fathom unloading everything to the site ourselves! It was amazing, everything went well,Continue reading “Walk-In Camping with Kids”