Solo Night Camping off Carolin Mine Road

Camping off Carolin Mine Road in Hope, BC! I found the perfect little spot off of Siwash Creek Road and spent one night solo camping before continuing on to Merritt!

Clear Creek Hot Springs – With Kids!

Clear Creek Hot Springs is located 46km up a Forestry Road on the East side of Harrison Lake.
I love taking my kids on a quiet Sunday afternoon, and it’s worth all of the cross ditches and water crossings to get there!

Hoy Creek Linear Park – A Little Piece of Paradise in Coquitlam, BC

I had a few hours of downtime between my on campus classes and was all caught up on my homework (for once), so I opened Google Maps and looked for a trail close by! To my surprise, I discovered one right behind my college campus! Hoy Creek Linear Park is a network of trails thatContinue reading “Hoy Creek Linear Park – A Little Piece of Paradise in Coquitlam, BC”

Mother Daughter Camping By The River

Mother Daughter camping on Bench FSR. Our friends had set up camp and as I drove by I recognized their utility trailer and stopped to say hi! They invited me to join with my family so I went home and asked everyone if they wanted to go. Only my daughter wanted to so we packed up the tent and the camping bins, and we hit the road.
I started from the Ryder Lake side so my daughter could enjoy the views along the way and before we knew it, we had arrived!
Setup didn’t take long at all and we enjoyed our one night by the river.

Fitting Adventures in Amongst Errands

I am a busy Mom of two kids, so I fit the adventure in when I can.
Even if it’s just 20 minutes to sit by the lake before I have to head back home, it’s worth it to me to have that reset and recharge.

Mother’s Day Adventure 2021

This year was a little different, both because of Covid and because I am 2 weeks post op from knee surgery! I am healing well and have good range of motion, but am still pretty sore and need to take it easy. Certain things (like putting on socks) are still a challenge and have helpedContinue reading “Mother’s Day Adventure 2021”

McDonald Park Dark Sky Preserve

McDonald Dark Sky Preserve is a beautiful spot to go for a walk or run. The dyke goes in both directions and you can walk for quite a ways.
This park is also used by astronomers and sometimes hosts special events when there are meteor showers predicted.
Overall it is a really nice park with a small play area, picnic tables, and flush toilets!

Solo Adventure to Find the Mt. Woodside Gliders Launch Site

Mount Woodside is another one of my favourite drives!
I was lucky enough to get the launch pad all to myself with my fur baby and sat in silence enjoying the views, which are quite breathtaking.
The forestry road is pretty beat up, so airing down is always a good idea.

Twenty Mile Bay – April Version!!

20 Mile Bay is a gorgeous Recreation Site that has camping and a day use area that sits right on Harrison Lake.
It’s a long drive full of beautiful views and one I highly recommend. The forestry road is a bumpy one, but I have seen all sorts of trailers hauled down that road.