Camping Lasagna

This lasagna recipe is based on one that I made in Grade 12 cooking class many, many, many years ago! I just kept tweaking it over the years and now I honestly do not even use a recipe anymore! So, in order to write this post I had to make it again and actually measureContinue reading “Camping Lasagna”

Road Trip with BC Ferries

When traveling on the BC Ferries system, paying for a reservation is definitely worth the extra Reservation Fee, in my opinion. My mom refuses to pay the extra and will sit and wait, however I feel our time is worth the $10 Fee and having to sit there with your kids and watch the ferryContinue reading “Road Trip with BC Ferries”

Road Trip with Kids- What to Pack

Now that my kids are older, road trips are considerably easier. They can pick out and pack their own toys and clothes(with a check by Mom), and somewhat understand what we mean when we say ‘7 hours of driving’. When they were little, I used cheap solutions like noticing which toys they played with frequentlyContinue reading “Road Trip with Kids- What to Pack”

Mother’s Day Adventure 2020

The last few years I have decided to spend the day with my own little family making memories together, adventuring up a mountain.This year we returned to one of our favorite places, East Harrison FSR. We skipped the extra 25km to the natural hot springs due to Covid-19 concerns this year and stopped at aContinue reading “Mother’s Day Adventure 2020”