Rapids Recreation Site – One Peaceful Night By the River!

Located in the Beautiful Chilliwack River Valley, off of Chilliwack Lake road, is a gorgeous Recreation Site located on the banks of the river. Fall asleep listening to the sounds of the river, the calls of birds and the wind rustling the trees.
Popular for dirt bikers and quads on the weekends, you can ride right out from the campground, making it convenient but also less peaceful.

Serenity at Skwellepil Rec Site

Skwellepil Creek Rec Site is a beautiful spot managed by the 4WDABC.
There are two areas to camp in, up in the forest area, or down by the boat launch.
It is often busy, but the majority of campers respect the rules and each other and it stays pretty quiet.

Allison Pool Rec site – Chilliwack River Valley Series

Allison Pool Recreation Site is a small campground located off Chilliwack Lake Road, here in Beautiful British Columbia. It is a favorite fishing spot, and can be quite busy in the summer.

Chipmunk and Rapids Recreation Sites- Chilliwack River Valley

Rapids Recreation Site and Chipmunk Recreation Site are both beautiful spots that have water access.
Located off Chilliwack Lake Road on Bench FSR, the drive is a bit bumpy but worth it! The Chilliwack River Valley is full of gorgeous spots like these ones.

Camp Foley Recreation Site – Chilliwack River Valley Series

Camp Foley Recreation Site is a beautiful spot located just off Chilliwack Lake Road. It has an outhouse, camping spots and a private view of the river.
You also get a key to the gate for the campsite when you book it (group camping only). It is a gorgeous spot, despite being right next to Chilliwack Lake Road.

Chilliwack River Valley Series

I am blessed to live in Chilliwack, British Columbia. We are surrounded by beautiful Mountain Ranges, Rivers, Forestry Roads and Hiking Trails! Due to the current travel restrictions in British Columbia, I have decided to explore my own community a bit more thoroughly. We are so lucky and I don’t think I fully appreciated howContinue reading “Chilliwack River Valley Series”

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