Sunny Saturday on Chehalis FSR

After spending most of the week down and out in bed with the flu, I needed to get out of the house for some fresh air and so did my fur baby, Zola. So I packed up some things, and we hit the road mid-morning. I headed out towards West Harrison FSR, but at theContinue reading “Sunny Saturday on Chehalis FSR”

Solo Road Trip for the Soul

Sometimes you just need to get out and go for a drive – by yourself – or at least I do.
Music Up, Windows Down & the Wind in my Hair was exactly what I needed!
Not having to worry about snacks, drinks, or other people is the best way for me to relax and recharge sometimes.
Even though it wasn’t a Forestry Road and I didn’t go up a mountain, I have always enjoyed the Fraser Canyon and the beautiful views that can be found along the way.
There are plenty of pullouts to stop at along your way, and a quick stop at Lake of the Woods on my way home made the perfect pit stop.