Weaver Lake Group Camping!

Group Camping at Weaver Lake Rec Site was an amazing time! Solo drive up was so much fun, 4×4 definitely recommended.

Twenty Mile Bay – April Version!!

My first trip to 20 Mile Bay was last June and it rained all day. We still enjoyed ourselves and the drive, however the clouds definitely obscured some of the gorgeous views. To compare that trip to this one, read my former post Here. We stopped a few times to take pictures, stretch our legs,Continue reading “Twenty Mile Bay – April Version!!”

Solo Road Trip For the Soul – Fall Edition

Everyone has an activity they enjoy and do for their mental health. Mine is going into the mountains. Before I injured my knee this year, that used to be in the form of hiking for me. For now, it is long drives and gorgeous scenery from my truck instead. On a Sunday afternoon, most peopleContinue reading “Solo Road Trip For the Soul – Fall Edition”

Earl the Llama guarding West Harrison

http://www.youtube.com/watch This guy was literally in the middle of the road blocking our way! He eventually moved to the side and we slowly passed him, only for him to start chasing my truck!! Turns out he is a well cared for resident of the logging camp & has a horse friend there too! He justContinue reading “Earl the Llama guarding West Harrison”

Twenty Mile Bay & Beyond

After a great group trip to Ten Mile Bay last week I was feeling more confident about the Sts’ailes FSR (formerly known as West Harrison FSR) road conditions and decided making it to Twenty Mile Bay was a must! With a forecast full of rain and my husband off work for a couple of days,Continue reading “Twenty Mile Bay & Beyond”

Ten Mile Bay with B.C. 4×4 Women Group Trip!

This was my first trip up West Harrison and I wish I would have ventured out here years ago! I met up with a great bunch of ladies from the BC 4×4 Women group (check them out on Facebook!) and caught up to them just as they got to the steep trail to the beachContinue reading “Ten Mile Bay with B.C. 4×4 Women Group Trip!”