Spirit Trail in Harrison Hot Springs

The Spirit Trail is located on McCombs Drive in beautiful Harrison Hot Springs and is a gorgeous cedar forest.

A local artist has added some beautiful masks along the way to make the trail more interesting.

Spirit Trail Mask and Birdhouse in Harrison Hot Springs

This is a short walk that starts out as a wide gravel path that takes you past an outhouse and a couple of picnic tables before the trail narrows and gets uneven.

The fact that it rained for three days straight prior to our arrival was probably a factor, but the trail was very muddy and wet. We were able to stick to the edges of the puddles and there were wooden boardwalks in the wettest areas.

There are several informational signs along the way, adding some education and history to the trail, which is great! We should have stopped at the map sign a bit longer, as we ended up taking a wrong turn and not completing the loop, but oh well – next time!

The Spirit Trail connects to the Bridle Trail and is supposed to make a 3.5km loop, which we were trying to do but the signage wasn’t clear at the intersection. There were three different signs with arrows pointing three different directions. We went right, and ended up coming out on a dead end gravel road, so we walked back along the road and called it a day.

I definitely plan to return and try the trail again, hopefully when it is less wet and slippery. Next time, I’ll park at the Bridle Trail entrance and start from there. I hope to do the entire loop next time, and enjoy the beauty of the old-growth forest it takes you through!

These mossy trees and logs were so beautiful with the sun shining through! We definitely lucked out on the weather too, it was a beautiful day with blue sky in every direction.

After our walk, we went to the Harrison Hot Springs Public Pool and had a nice little soak before heading home and getting on with the rest of our day.

All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon with my husband spent in Harrison Hot Springs!

I highly recommend checking out this trail network if you’re looking for a nice walk in the Harrison area.

As always, thank you for reading! Until next time, keep adventuring!

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